Our Aim

The COVID-19-COS project aims to establish a core outcome set for trials in patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.


The global COVID-19-COS project is part of the Australian Living Evidence Consortium National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce guidelines initiative. The role of the Taskforce is to identify and synthesise rapidly emerging clinical research and data and deliver national guidelines for the clinical management of patients with suspected or proven COVID-19 infection across primary, acute and critical care settings. This COVID-19-COS project brings together all stakeholders – patients, the public, and health professionals – to establish consensus-based high priority outcomes so they can be consistently included in trials and guidelines on the care of people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

To learn more about core outcome sets, watch this short video by the COMET Initiative. A glossary of COVID-19 related words is available here.


The process is based on the COMET methodological framework but with some adaptations to allow rapid execution in immediate response to the global pandemic. We have completed:

  • A systematic review of outcomes in registered and published trials in patients with confirmed or suspected 2019-nCoV
  • An international survey with patients, caregivers, community members and health professionals to gain consensus on the outcome domains that are critically important to all stakeholder groups for trials in COVID-19.
  • A series of four online consensus workshops to obtain feedback and discuss the proposed core outcomes for COVID-19

COVID-19-COS is registered on the COMET database (ID 1548).

The project is funded by Flinders University and the National COVID-19 Evidence Taskforce (Australian Government).